Selling A House During Divorce: How to Make It Easy

The process of divorce can be stressful with all the legal documents that need to be completed. And the emotional trauma? Devastating. So, selling a house you and your partner have lived in for a long time, while it can get you down on all the memories, should not be difficult. That is why we are here: to help you solve this particular problem.

Selling a house in divorce, and dividing the money has its advantages too, provided both divorcees have figured out a place to live and move on with their lives. You have cash in your pockets to start life over and the next foreseeable months should be not so difficult to adjust to.

Or one party can simply decide to buy out the other party.

Do You Need an Agent? Maybe, Maybe Not

If you need an agent to help you through the tortuous, often complicated processes of selling a house in divorce. Finding a good and reliable agent can be complicated too, and selling a house in trying times like these is simply more than selling and dividing the cash.

You are in a vulnerable position where emotions can cloud your judgement. One, the house market shifts rapidly very often, and two, there are advantages and disadvantages to both selling the house while you are still legally married or after going your separate ways.

But there is a better way in place of looking for an agent who you will most likely be legally bound to, and play by their rules. You can simply work with us.

Do You Need Us? Definitely

These are reasons you need good, valuable advice from us.

But you don’t need just our input and advice alone, because we offer much more than that. We can see you through to the end.

Our job is to make the process of selling and closing the deal seamless. Many times, selling a house using a real estate agent just doesn’t work well. Here are our unique advantages:

  1. We don’t just help you out. We are home-buyers too. Simply seeing how complicated the process of selling properties as important as houses is can be discouraging, and we have made it all simple. We give you the right information, give you an unbeatable fair price and when you are ready to sell, we buy from you with cash.
  2. You can skip the dreaded “finding-an-agent-I-can-rely on” part. It can be time-wasting and you should remember that the market fluctuates rapidly. Now might be the best time to sell that house and move on from the divorce with plenty cash in your pocket. This time, there is no middle man to collect your share of the money.
  3. If on the night you announced to James that you wanted a divorce, he broke down the door, don’t worry about fixing it before selling to us. You don’t have to repair damages or even clean up and re-paint the walls.

So, why waste time with selling a house in divorce when we, at Vision Property Investment Group are here, ready to buy and help you obtain closure as easy, quick and seamless as possible?

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